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Leverage our advanced Hyperbatching algorithms to consolidate orders into batched collections based on complex logic and real-time data.

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Delivered In Full On Time


Reduction in Return to Senders


ANZ Coverage

Increased Efficiency

Reduce the frequency of handling individual orders, leading to significant operational efficiencies.

Cost Savings

Fulfil orders closer to your customers & reduce staff pick/pack times, results in cost savings.

Faster Fulfilment

Consolidation of orders ensures optimal workflows, leading to faster delivery to customers and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Improved Inventory

Better synchronisation of inventory levels to ensure you can fulfil orders from the most suitable location.

Enhanced CX

Efficient order processing and faster delivery times will result in a better customer experience, leading to increased loyalty.

Enhanced Sustainability

Minimise the frequency of collections and reduce your carbon footprint to make a sustainable impact.

Dynamically crafting
optimised order batches

Our intelligent, API driven allocation engine analyses delivery pickup & destination, SLA and provider attributes to create advanced hyperbatching schedules.

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