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Give your customers additional delivery options at checkout with convenient On Demand delivery options including < 3 hour and same day delivery.

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Delight your customers with fast & reliable delivery options

Seamlessly add On Demand delivery options on your checkout to offer your customers a combination of convenience and certainty.

Increase Average Basket Size

Customers are inclined to purchase more and expand their cart, supported by the assurance of prompt delivery.

Increase Conversion Rates

Swift delivery options encourage customers to complete their purchases, leading to higher conversion rates.

Increase Average Order Value

Customers are willing to increase their spend with the knowledge their order will be delivered with certainty.

Competitive Advantage

On Demand at Checkout establishes a competitive edge to attract & retain customers.

Build Trust & Loyalty

Customers will trust you and be more willing to purchase again if they have a positive delivery experience.

Increase Revenue

Enhanced trust & loyalty drives higher revenue as customers buy more & new customers are attracted.

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Rendr Launches with Venroy

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"The integrity of the service provided has been exceptional. We've found that the customers who want their products on the same day are actually the dream - they order more, they spend more and they have more confidence."

Samantha Law - Head of Digital & eCommerce at Venroy

"We have used a number of different same day shipping services in the past, however I highly recommend Rendr as the solution for quick, convenient and affordable delivery."

Victoria Harwood - eCommerce Manager at SIR. The Label

"Meeting our customers' expectations around convenience is a key priority and Rendr enables us to offer such a convenient and timely delivery promise."

Marta Skrabacz - eCommerce Manager at GODIVA, ANZ

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