What is Rendr?

Rendr is a fulfilment solution that provides retailers the ability to offer On Demand delivery for their customers.

How fast do you deliver?

Rendr offers the below On Demand delivery services:

Rendr Fast - Delivery in 30 mins - 3 hours
Rendr Same Day - Same Day Delivery

How does Rendr assign the best provider for a delivery?

Our algorithms analyse a range of public and proprietary data to ensure a delivery is given to the best provider, which includes factoring location, special requirements like ID check or Proof of Age and vehicle requirements. Machine learning completes the analysis within a matter of milliseconds to give the best, most reliable experience.

Do you offer live tracking?

Live, real-time GPS based tracking is available for deliveries where the provider is able to surface driver locations. More details on live tracking can be found here.

How can I offer Rendr to my customers?

There are many seamless ways in which customers can be given the ultimate delivery experience through Rendr's platform. This includes via our extensive eCommerce integrations, Delivery Dashboard or Click and Deliver. All these applications are simple to use and install, powered by our technology.

How is Rendr different to basic shipping aggregators?

There are many shipping aggregators in market to give you access to basic carrier services and provide simple label generation. Rendr's platform differs by using machine learning and complex algorithms to assign the best carrier for a given or batch of deliveries with no carrier accounts required from a billing, account management or customer service perspective.

How can I contact support?

Please contact our Delivery Experience Team by emailing support@rendr.delivery or call 1300 697 363 in Australia and +64 9 872 1322 in New Zealand.

How do I signup with Rendr?

To begin offering customers an unparalleled delivery experience, visit our signup page here.

Who will deliver my order?

Rendr leverages existing crowdsourced and professional courier networks to ensure all deliveries have paramount reliability and retailers have confidence that their orders will be delivered on time, every time.

Which retailers do you deliver for?

We deliver for some of the most well known & exciting retailers in Australia & New Zealand, including the likes of Chemist Warehouse, House, Hairhouse, Aussie Disposals, Assembly Label and many more.

How does On Demand at Checkout work?

On Demand at Checkout is a solution where retailers can enable faster and more reliable delivery options on their checkout for customers to select, including < 3 hour delivery and same day delivery.

How much does the delivery cost?

Delivery fees are dictated by the retailer and will be shown on checkout for the customer to pay.